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Welcome to the Survive the Horror Wiki this place is all about the disaster in my game and how they function.Make sure to enjoy being here.


This is all about how the disasters work and I will be talking about updates to my game.I have the URL for the game to check it out if you don't know the game.



2:Survive the Horror Game

3:Pixel Studios


How you play is that you have 10 seconds to survive.

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1:Your objective is to survive as long as possible.

2:Every disaster has unique methods so use this site to help you.

3:The map is kinda big so you can explore all you want.

❄️Thank you❄️

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Thank you everyone for supporting my game.I know we did not make so much likes but thanks for supporting :D

❄️Latest Updates❄️

❄️Added a little decoration for the diamond mall❄️
 ❄️fixed building appearance❄️
 ❄️Fired Steve and replaced with a new worker❄️
 ❄️added a animation for the new worker❄️
 ❄️Steve now is a hobo sadly❄