John doe Edit


He has light yellow skin on his two arms,He has yellow skin on his torso,blue skin on his two legs,and a long jaw of a supersized face.

Game play

Upon this disaster spawning This disaster will chose the nearest player as all disasters does.The screen will have a glitch witch prevents you from seeing the disaster.The skybox will change to neon and random colors out of nowhere.The damage will be changed to 100 in the future.Plus there will be loud music out of no where


John doe was known for click bait for tricking players into thinking that john was going to hack every player who plays on roblox on march 18.These rumors ended when march 18 past.He will be showcasing in the group called The Roblox Myths where they showcase these hackers by caging then.If you hear the sound track it is the soundtrack from Disaster In The Spooky Hotel.


What you can do to survive him is the camera.Similar to Black Sun try not to move your camera a lot because the brick that is glitch will block your camera. The box that is neon and random colors dont do nothing it just tries to make it look scary. Since the disaster john doe has a glitch camera then try to move away from the area where the disaster spawn because your camera will have less of the glitchy camera

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